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Bamboo resource is very rich in China, the moso bamboo forest of about 2.4 million hectares, skin of
bamboo shoots is the bamboo shoots off bamboo or bamboo shoots processed by-products, a strain
of bamboo can be bamboo 2 ~ 2.5 kg, the calculated on per mu bamboo 30 strains of , can collect skin of
bamboo shoots about 4.5 million tons. In recent years, the use of the nature of rich natural plant fiber,
such as wood fiber, bamboo fiber, special hemp, coir fibre such as replacing synthetic fiber has been brought
to the attention of the people, however, also has a good function of skin of bamboo shoots fiber has been
forgotten, the most current skin of bamboo shoots was cast aside as rubbish, not only waste the precious
biological resources, but also resultin environmental pollution.
skin of bamboo shoots fiber is composed of cellulose, hemicellulose and pectin a kind of typical cellulose
fibre, its crystallinity is 68, relatively high, close to flax, after degumming processing is a new type of
ecological environmental protection of natural fibers. skin of bamboo shoots fiber has good toughness,
high strength, moisture-proof, flame retardant performance is superior. The development of skin of
bamboo shoots fiber can not only alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of plant fiber
raw materials to swell, and conducive to the comprehensive protection of forest resources, has significant
social benefits and economic benefits.
Our company follows the development trend of environmental protection, developed using skin of bamboo
shoots fiber to replace the glass fiber, together with bio resin development made the model of environmental
protection,completely successful do the waste recycling,ECO environmental protection mannequin is a revolutionary
innovation of modeling.
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